It’s been a rough few months around here – so many exciting changes are happening, but bigger bumps in the road than we anticipated.

And I’m really, really sorry.

When I started TextMyJournal, my goal was to make journaling as convenient as possible. While that’s been the case for many of you, some of our wonderful customers have had nearly the opposite experience.


So I wanted to let you know I’m making some changes around here, and I could use your help.

First off, we have worked with some great developers in the past, but we’re needing a team who shares our enthusiasm for this project.

Do you know any Python coders? We’d like to bring one or two on. If so, have them send us a message here.

Next, know that TextMyJournal will continue to run, but we won’t be rolling out updates for a few months. Continue to use it as you have been. We don’t want you losing precious memories!

Finally, if you haven’t received a text prompt since May 25, login to the new system with a password reset. If you’re having trouble resetting your password, email us here with the subject line “password reset”.

Thanks for your patience, and especially your feedback. We couldn’t do this without you.

Much love,

founder | TextMyJournal

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