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Text My Journal has one goal – make journaling exceptionally convenient, so that you can make it a priority

Once you sign up, it’s easy:

Journal prompts are sent daily via text. You decide when you want them, and what kind of prompts you’d like to receive – you know what works best for you, we’ll provide the technology.

Then, simply reply to that text with words, pictures, or even audio or video. Something special you can’t risk missing? Send it right away! You don’t have to wait for the prompt, either. Journal as many times as you’d like throughout the day!

Login to your account to view your journal entries. You can download a .csv file of your journals right from your account!

Is my journal private?

Yes! No more worrying about hiding your journal under your bed. You – and only you – have access to your journals.


Why Text? Why not an app?

Well, there are a few reasons, really.

First of all, we want this service available to everyone with any phone with texting capabilities, not just a smart phone. Dumb phones are more than welcome! (My dad, despite being the most technologically savvy person I know, refuses to get a smart phone…)

Second, we don’t want your journal to be dependent on WiFi.  Funny thing, memories – they show up whenever they’d like, WiFi or not.

Finally, if you’re anything like us, you have no spare storage space on your phone – so why not send off that picture along with your memory? We’ll store it for you – with much better benefits than the cloud; we help preserve your heritage!

Text Pictures and Video as a journal

Have more questions?

We have answers. Ask your question here!

3 + 15 =

Can I send pictures?

Yes! In fact, you can include up to 10 pictures per text! You know that you take much more than 10 – but that should be enough to capture your moment!

In fact, we’ll take it a step further.  Why just see the words when you can watch memories and hear your loved ones? You can send video or audio if that’s your style!


How many texts can I send per day?

11 times (15 – (.4 times 2.5 raised to the fourth power)) divided by the fifth root of 32.

Just kidding. Send as many as you want! Mix it up while you’re at it! Send a quick message, 3 pictures, and a video to remember how awesome your day was.

There is no limit to your journaling!


What if a text is more than 160 characters?

While we sure control a lot of things, we can’t control the nature of text messages, and that can all vary based on your provider.  To that end, if your memory (and thus, your text) is rather long, change it to MMS (multimedia message).  Those have 1000 characters instead of 160, and that way you can always remember your memory in the order it actually happened!


Can I send a video of my cat?

Why yes, you can! Just like pictures, you can send video – and even audio – to the same number you text daily. However, due to the nature of journals, they’re historically private. So, if you’re itchin’ for that to go viral, upload that gem to YouTube!


When and where can I access my journal?

Whenever you want! If you want to relive a special moment, capture the details of something you can’t recall, or even just share your memories with someone else, login to your account at any time to see any journal entry you’ve sent.

You can see pictures, videos, or messages sorted by the date you sent them.


Can you read my journal?

Nope. No matter how juicy your stories are, they’re yours – and until you’d like to share them, they remain private, We don’t see a single character from the messages you send. You’re secrets are safe with you.


Do I have to wait for the prompt to text my journal?

No! Memories don’t wait until we send you the go-ahead to send them out! You can text whenever you’d like. Do you regularly get prompts at 9 pm but you just woke up after having the strangest dream? Text it right away. And don’t worry – you’ll still get the reminder at 9!


What if my phone falls in a lake?

First off, bummer. I hope the fish have good service and don’t make any international calls.

If you get a new phone number, just log into your account settings and change your phone number. Because we care so much about your security and keeping your secrets ‘secret’, you’ll have to do more than send out a Facebook request for our number.


Do I need to put a date on my entries?

Nope! We’ve got that covered for you!

Each text includes the date and time it was sent, so all you’ve got to remember is the important stuff – the details.  The rest is provided by us.

You’re welcome.


What does 11 times (15 – (.4 times 2.5 raised to the fourth power)) divided by the fifth root of 32 equal?


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